Sunday, 2 August 2009

German shrubs for WAG garden

Rumours reaching us at Politics Cymru suggest the £70,000 worth of plants bought to decorate the Welsh Assembly Government's new offices in Aberystwyth have been imported from Germany.

The building, which has cost £20 million to build opens in September. It will be the new base for the Mid-Wales branch of the Department for the Economy and Transport, the Forestry Commission, the Countryside Council for Wales and the Department for Rural Affairs.

With such a team on the inside you would have thought they could have found some locally-sourced shrubs for the outside! (No doubt they would have been cheaper as well.)

Dewi Dau



Pelagius said...

I'm chilled about this news. They are European plants, so they haven't come very far. Local, really. And they are not Frankenstein - genetically-modified monsters - from the USA.

But we expect the usual hysteria from hypocritical British nationalists who don't bat an eyelid about the UK spending squillions on US armaments.

Anonymous said...

Yes Chilled too.
Most of what we buy in the way of plants are from Europe ,Holland and Germany and they are good quality,hardy and usually cheaper than buying local.
If the contract went to competitive tender then I am sure it was value for money.
i am more concerned about the cost of setting all this up in Mid Wales in terms of staff transfers or not.

Cambria Politico said...

They'll be importing daffodils next to plant for the spring - oh they have? No surprise then. These people NEVER SEEM TO LEARN!
Definitely NOT CHILLED!

Anonymous said...

Cambria. Get real, butt. As far as I know, Welsh daffodils are, rightly, seasonal (like Penfro potatoes) and grow here in the proper growing season. The fabulous 'Really Welsh' brand is the best I know. But I suspect the all year round ones are grown under cover in Nederland. I don't think any Welsh grower does that. Also, I don't regard Nederland as foreign, and they buy our lamb.

Anonymous said...

Yes so we keep open a German garden center while ours close down because of the lack of money odd how people who think they are political cannot see past the thumping great nose. Of course it matters to jobs garden centers do employ mainly Polish workers I agree but it's still, work in Wales

bathmate said...

Good luck with your work. ;-)