Monday, 10 August 2009

'Steddfod! 'Steddfod!

It wouldn't be an Eisteddfod nowadays without a Politics Cymru Podcast!

In between appearances on S4C2 Dewi Un and Dewi Dau spent some time comparing stalls..



Anonymous said...

The "22 year old" on the Welsh Labour stall was David Taylor, Leighton Andrews' researcher.

Nwdls said...


Neis cwrdd â chi bois, er o'n i'n teimlo'r pwysau fel non-political anorak a'r unig un oedd ddim yn newyddiadurwr!

Politics Cymru said...

We know our reaserchers - and David Taylor, the gentleman in question wasn't David - we 'd have recognised him!

Dewi Un