Thursday, 10 September 2009

Hanes y Tri Dewi

Well dear reader, as you’ve no doubt noticed we have been blogging light (or not at all) over the past few weeks. There is good reason behind this which I shall now explain.

Firstly the move into employment has been a traumatic one which has left us with little or no time to dedicate to the blog. If you watch BBC Cymru’s excellent “Newyddion” then you will have no doubt come across Dewi Dau strutting his stuff as a fully fledged journalist. If you’re lucky (or unlucky) enough to live up north then tune into Heart FM to hear the lyrical tones of Dewi Tri giving you the important news of the day. As for myself if I told you what I was doing for a living then I would have to kill you, so I think it’s best for all concerned if we don’t go there.

Secondly, finally and most importantly the summer recess is quite simply a snore fest. Now that the time of return is edging closer things are starting to pick up and our spider senses are starting to flash with stories once more.

So put your handkerchiefs away, dry those eyes because PC (time permitting) is back on the trail of all things Welsh Politics.

Dewi Un


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