Thursday, 17 September 2009

Plaid's Stance on Nuclear?

Lord Elis-Thomas opened the new storage facility at Trawsfynydd today.

He used the occasion to throw his support behind a new reactor for Wylfa B on Anglesey – which is also causing his Plaid colleague Ieuan Wyn Jones a headache or two because according to Plaid’s 2005 manifesto the party "does not support new nuclear power stations, particularly as civil nuclear power fuels nuclear weapons development; is heavily subsidised; and cannot safely dispose of the highly toxic waste".

How does that work then?

They’re facing a problem because these sites are massive employers in the local areas, particularly Wylfa which is situated on an island short of good news stories as far as jobs are concerned of late.

Plaid, in short, are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

Dewi Tri



Pelagius said...

Nuclear, doh! If these two conformists can't look further than what the British state defines as public policy, you wonder what they're about.

If the question is energy, isn't Meirionydd blessed with fast-flowing mountain rivers which can produce all the hydro-electricity Wales needs. And is not Môn Mam Cymru endowed with lashings of tidal energy in Afon Menai?

What is it about Cardiff Bay that lobotomises so-called Welsh nationalists? With limited thinking like theirs, it is Wales that is damned.

ladyroisin said...

Get rid of NUCLEAR; NOT cost effective:NOT climate friendly: NOT renewable; NOT safe, proven technology:HAS used tax £billions to keep going:Has already Govt offices: HAS got £20million for new centre for excellence (NOT VEST...A FACTORY) WILL cause CANCER ON TAP once it gets out of the rocks and concrete: CUTTING NUCLEAR will avoid Public Sector job/pay cuts...... Come talk to Nuclear opponents who talk sense, not Big Money protectionism