Thursday, 24 September 2009

A Dewi Meets the Welsh Secretary

I had a chat with Peter Hain yesterday. He was up on Anglesey seeing the effect of the recession on the island. He didn't seem to think it was that bad...some might say he wasn't looking hard enough.

We started by talking about the island and he said he was very disappointed at the Anglesey Aluminium decision and it was in the wake of that decision that he was in Beaumaris (then heading over to Llangefni and Holyhead) to see how things were going.

He took in some lunch at Beau's on Beaumaris High Street (which is GOOD little cafe!) - it's a town that's had a pretty good summer. British tourists have flocked to the region this year – not such good news for the coastguard but that's another story...

I asked Mr Hain about the decision not to build a prison in Caernarfon. He stuck by the Government line – it wasn't a U-turn, the site just isn't suitable.

Either way it's a blow to North Wales but Mr Hain did say he was keen to have a prison up here and it was now up to the local councils to “find him a site” that he could take to the Prisons Minister.

Any preferences, I asked?

No he doesn't. Fair enough. Different story printed in the Daily Post this morning. I have my version on tape!

Finally I asked if he'd be adding his voice to those supporting Edwina Hart as next Labour leader.

“Edwina is a very able Minister. There are a number of very good candidates.”

As Welsh Secretary he's not going to pick a favourite. Shame.

I was a little bit surprised he answered the question at all but not surprised he was non-committal.

So that's what happened when a Dewi met the current Welsh Secretary. That's 2 in a row! Any more Ministers who fancy heading north for a chat would be more than welcome!

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