Thursday, 10 September 2009

Plaid look north

It’s good to be back! And as Dewi Un blogged earlier I’m now up north – away from the goings on in Cardiff Bay.

Luckily this week the politics has come to me! Across the corridor from where Venue Cymru are launching this year’s pantomime season (and where I had a very strange lunch complete with Christmas trees and mince pies), Plaid Cymru are holding their annual conference.

In the politics panto, Plaid were setting themselves up this morning as the hero of the piece while the Tories are the evil stepmother and Labour takes the role of the bumbling Buttons…

Picking Llandudno for their conference, its clear Plaid’s sights this week are set on grabbing hold of voters disillusioned with the mainstream and looking for something different!

They’ve traditionally had a stronghold in the North West, now they’re looking for a foothold in the North East…

Helen Mary Jones told a press conference this morning that the most dangerous thing right now for the Welsh health service would be a Conservative administration in Westminster – because, she says, the Assembly is so dependent upon how much the Westminster administration spends to determine their own budget (tax raising powers in Wales would also help!).

Later in the day former Labour SoS Ron Davies told Plaid members that the birth of New Labour had meant the death of Old Labour values and that the time was nigh for another party to step in and become THE party of Wales.

It’s shaping up to be an interesting conference so far…the speeches start tomorrow!

Dewi Tri


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