Wednesday, 25 November 2009

He Will Not Veto!

Well Peter Hain says he's not going to veto a referendum (which means Labour and the Tories seem to be on the same page)...

He’s just told Plenary: "If I am the Secretary of State in receipt of an Assembly request to call a referendum, I would not veto that request."

It appears he has actually been convinced by the All Wales convention report!

But he still seems to think that the "new system is starting to work and is starting to work well."

It’s not an unequivocal show of support – but it clears things up a bit!

So I guess the ball is now fully in the court of the new Labour leader. If that new leader is Edwina Hart it seems unclear if she will move as quickly as Plaid might like. Today her response has popped up on her campaign site, it says: "Our focus will be on testing public readiness to support such a vote."

(I thought that was what the All Wales Convention was all about.)

Dewi Tri


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