Monday, 30 November 2009

What happens after the next election?

Ever wondered what happens to LCOs currently under scrutiny after the next election?

Does the Welsh affairs select commitee in Westminster have start their deliberations all over again?

Well this is what we've been told happens:

"If Parliament is dissolved, the process of approving LCOs will be interrupted until after the new Parliament is opened. Following a general election, it will be the decision of the newly-elected UK government as to how proceed with any LCOs which have already begun or completed the process of pre-legislative scrutiny. If the government indicates its intention to proceed with the process, it will be up to any new Welsh Affairs Committee (or Lords Constitution Committee) as to how to deal with any proposed LCOs which were already under consideration in the previous Parliament."

So essentially it's up to whoever forms the new government.

It's therefore not beyond the realms of possibility that there could be changes in committe membership - which will surely mean that those hoping to see their LCOs this side of next christmas are unlikely to get their way.

Dewi Un


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