Friday, 8 January 2010

Cameron in the Port...

It can’t be often that a Newport City Council depot comes to a standstill because a flock of journalists turn up. That was the case this lunchtime however, the journalists arriving in force for David Cameron’s flash visit.

Cameron spent his time meeting local AM Mohammad Asghar as well as the guys who have been out and about gritting the roads, he seemed genuinely interested to find out how they’ve been getting on. He was in and out faster than you could say “marriage tax proposals” off to do more press events and I suspect have some meetings about Conservative strategy in Wales.

Although his visit can only be described as a flying one it shows that Wales is no longer a no go area for the Conservatives. On the way from Cardiff to Newport we came across 3 different Cameron posters, which shows they’re spending money here. There also seems to be an air of confidence around the party in Wales now and they seem to genuinely believe they can return 10+ MPs and are actively campaigning hard here.

It’s often said that David Cameron is a good communicator and you could see why today. He looked happy and comfortable talking to the local councillors and to the boys driving the gritters. His presence here will help those door knocking for the Welsh Conservatives fight the accusation that their party is too South East-centric.

We all know that the Conservative pre-electioneering has started, today it came to Wales. The only question know is, will it be enough.

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