Wednesday, 6 January 2010

An open goal

There's either something really clever going on or Ms Hewitt and Mr Hoon's campaign is just what it seems.

Already other parties are reacting (Eric Pickles, Chairman of the Conservative Party, could hardly contain himself on Sky News this lunchtime).

For a Welsh angle, Elfyn Llwyd isn't impressed at all:

"This petty internal squabbling amongst Labour MPs only emphasises how out of touch they are.

"With Wales fighting a severe recession, and many people continuing to lose their jobs, Labour’s priorities today are unsavoury to say the least.

"Meanwhile the Tories seem to have arrogantly assumed that the election is a forgone conclusion while Wales still bears the deep scars of previous Conservative governments.

"There is little choice between the two parties and both have proved they are incapable of defending Wales. Brown’s leadership battle means very little to Welsh communities. This government should be getting on with tackling the precarious state of the economy.

While the Liberal Democrats take a similar line.

Danny Alexander MP says:

"Labour has given up any hope of winning this election and given up on governing the country.

"Labour MPs are now in a desperate scrabble to save their own seats and minimise their defeat.

"People have no reason to vote for a party that’s failed to deliver fairness, failed to fix the rotten political system and failed on the environment. The only party to vote for in the next election if you want a fairer society is the Liberal Democrats.

"The country doesn’t need a secret a ballot to get rid of Gordon Brown, it needs a General Election.

There's been some speculation that might be coming sooner rather than later but there's hardly been a flurry of support for this coup so far...

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