Friday, 26 February 2010

The Assembly or the Assembly?

If ever there was any doubt that the names of the Welsh Assembly Government and the National Assembly for Wales are a cause of mass-confusion try searching Google with the specific search term National Assembly for Wales:


So’s everyone else.

Dewi Tri



James D said...

Well, the name "Welsh Assembly Government" does describe what it is. Its not its fault that the Westminster System fails to separate powers properly, leading to a compromised executive and a weak legislature. The name is just indicative of a bad system of government. It would be much better to have an executive that consisted of a directly elected First Minister and his appointed ministers (subject to confirmation hearings) outside the Assembly.

Anonymous said...

What you say is true. But the situation is not helped by the antics of its own members. A Labour AM referred to a rugby match this week as being between the French National Assembly (correct) and the "Welsh Assembly". Can't they read their own bloody laws? It's the National Assembly of Wales, dummy.

And other AMs can simplify things by simply talking about the "Welsh government". The Scots do. And it's really pathetic when regional AMs, even Plaid, insist on describing themselves as representing North Wales, Mid & West Wales, South West Wales, South Wales Central and South East Wales. Where on Earth do they think they are: Timbuktu?