Monday, 15 February 2010

Try, Try Again?

Last week 3 whole LCOs were given Royal Assent and power was transferred to the Assembly.

This week it’s likely we’re going to be back talking about the sticky and (ever so slightly prolonged) LCO process...

A few months ago I wrote a blog about the re-writing of the Affordable Housing LCO and its reintroduction as the Sustainable Homes LCO.

I said that the Assembly Government were optimistic that this LCO would have an easier ride through the Welsh Affairs Select Committee because “the powers asked for in the Affordable Housing LCO were too specific and so they [the WASC] ended up scrutinising the laws the Assembly could make instead of asking whether or not they should get the powers to make them.”

Turns out the WASC aren’t so keen on the powers being transferred actually – or at least the Conservative members aren’t.

Well if at first you don’t succeed...

Dewi Tri


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