Thursday, 30 April 2009

Watch the Flood!

Just a quick one.

The Assembly sustainability committee launched an inquiry into flooding yesterday at St Richard Gwyn High School in Barry. The whole committee was there (except for some reason the two Plaid members of the committee and Angela Burns) plus a special guest. A certain Mr Alun Cairns also popped in, so concerned must he be with the problem of flooding that he made the trip to a school outside his constituency. I wonder if he would have gone to a school in say Ceredigion or Clwyd?

Am I being overly mischievous to suggest that the only reason Mr Cairns was there (and incidentally hosting their prize giving night tonight) is because he is desperately trying to garner support for his push for Westminster? Lorraine Barrett certainly thought so and gave him a stern stare when he addressed the hall full of school kids, press, teachers and parents, she also had a few choice words for the Parliamentary candidate.

I’m sure Alun Cairns would say, “a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do” (even if it does mean being shameless).

An interesting insight none the less.

Dewi Un


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