Monday, 5 October 2009

Campaign Website Review

It would appear Huw Lewis is slightly behind the times...I can’t find a campaign website for him.

Carwyn Jones (who technically doesn’t launch his campaign until tonight) has gone for a Wordpress blog with 1 post to date and different sections including ‘Carwyn’ and ‘Ministerial Record’...sounds like gripping stuff.

Edwina Hart has what is quite a stylish website complete with logos and catchphrases and everything!

Based purely on websites I know who I’d vote for...of course there’s much more to these campaigns than looking good!

Dewi Tri

ADD: Lewis4Labour is now online and Huw Lewis is on Twitter already! D3



lewis4leader said... is now live.

Worth the wait I think.

Politics Cymru said...

Not that your biased at all! Link added for sake of balance. D3