Friday, 2 October 2009

Do we need a North Wales candidate?

BANG! That’s the starting gun being fired on the race to succeed Rhodri Morgan.

But it strikes me that all the candidates (so far) are all based along the M4 route:- Edwina from Gower, Carwyn from Bridgend and Huw from Merthyr.

Three places that feel very far away from those of us based along the A55…

Would a candidate from the north perhaps offer something different to the debate?

Dewi Tri



Penddu said...

But Merthyr IS in North Wales....

anonygog said...

"But Merthyr IS in North Wales...."

Penarth isn't though!o

Cymru Gyfan said...

Where is this 'North Wales'? Is it a different country? In truth, it's a British construct to divide the nation. Like its associated South, West and Mid equivalents. Pretty successful too, by the looks of it.

I mean if a candidate comes from Ynys Môn, why can they represent Wrecsam better than someone from Llanidloes?

For me, all parts of Wales are equal. I would never use these lazy, imprecise terms, and neither should you. If you want a candidate from Conwy, say that. We know where it is and we can pronounce it, see.

Barry said...

The obvious question here is: "Who?"

Anonymous said...

Quality not geography.

Why not a Mid Wales candidate too? Except that would mean Alun Davies.

Negrin said...

How about Lesley Griffiths then?

Anonymous said...

Lesley who - I agree quality is key
and stop making us a divided country
No one does it in England or Scotland ,stop reinforcing English propaganda.
It would be nice to see a fourth candidate though