Sunday, 22 February 2009

Plaid Ministers Unable to deliver Plaid Policy?

There's just been a very interesting interview with John Dixon, Chair of Plaid Cymru, on the Politics Show Wales.

At a conference of Plaid members yesterday, the party voted to continue to oppose top-up fees in Wales. This is out of line with Labour's position and that's the position that's likely to be followed through.

So one might ask what is the point of having Plaid in government at all?

John Dixon did not deny that there was a void between Plaid policy and government action and said that compromise was an important part of being in government.

So where should Plaid be drawing the line?

Dewi Tri



Sweet and Tender Hooligan said...

Welcome to the world of being in Government dearest Plaid.

kaidiff Kid West said...

I though John Dixon was pathetic to be honest. Plaid's leadership are going to be slaughtered by the Gog Hogs for cowering like this. Word on the street is, a recent Plaid resignee is being less than discreet when it comes to criticising wee Ieuan. I hope Llais Gwynedd drive a wedge into Plaid over this issue.

kairdiff West Kid said...

Just to say, as the genuine Kairdiff West Kid, insofar as it's possible, I'm not the impostor stalking the blogs attacking John Dixon and indulging is sad little Llais Gwynedd gossip.
It seems obvious to me that the reason Plaid can;t deliver the policy of opposition to top-up fees is that they're a minority partner in a government whose senior partner does.
Is that such a mystery?
as for the tittle-tattle - doesn;t matter, won;t make a difference. Bit like Llais Gwyneddd, no? They don't even have a top-up fees policy1

kairdiff Kid West said...

The KWK imposter troll is popping up everywhere today - what a sad individual.Go and find your own nickname.
Readers of this and other blogs will know I speak my mind and I am saying Plaid are all at sea over their education policy.
As for the KWK troll - get a life!