Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Politicians Get Tweeting

Some people call it a fad, most people probably don't know what it is, but Twitter has been in the headlines plenty in the past few weeks thanks to the likes of Chris Moyles, Jonathan Ross and Stephen Fry.

Now Wales' politicians are getting in on the act – Bethan Jenkins has been at it for some time but she's now in good company, at a glance I found a further 8 of our elected officials (or prospective candidates) on the microblogging site.

PC is of course following them all but if you're interested you can find them too at:

@AdamPriceMP – Plaid MP for Carmathen East and Dinefwr
@BethanJenkins – Plaid AM for South Wales West
@HuwLewis – Labour AM (and potential leadership contender) for Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney
@JeffCuthbert – Labour AM for Caerphilly
@JocelynPlaid – Plaid AM for South Wales East and Deputy Minister for Housing
@KirstyAM – Lib Dem leader and AM for Brecon and Radnorshire
@lembitopik – Lib Dem MP for Montgomeryshire
@LisaStevens80 – Labour European candiadate
@NerysEvans – Plaid AM for Mid and West Wales

Is this really them? Are we missing anyone? Do let us know!

Dewi Tri


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Al Iguana said...

I'm all for it, personally. We complain that AMs/MPs don't actually DO much, outside of TV interviews and the odd debate. Well, Twitter is their chance to prove us wrong. By showing us that every day, it's a meeting here, a committee there, a surgery wherever..

... except they have to actually USE the thing. Bethan has it down, but most of the others seem to have blank or hardly-used Twitter accounts. Which seems like bandwagon jumping to keep in with the cool-kids rather than the use of a potentially effective political tool. It's not enough to walk the Twitter walk, you have to talk the Twitter talk. catchphrase (c) 2009 Al Iguana lol