Friday, 3 July 2009

Dafydd Elis-Thomas Says England Needs Devolution

This is a story that’s just popped up on Golwg360 (I know, we’re just as surprised).

The Welsh Assembly’s Presiding Officer has said that the best way for the British nations to improve relations with one another and give citizens a better chance to decide things for themselves is to have devolution within England. It would also take pressure off central government apparently.

He also says that politicians in Cardiff Bay have been unaffected by the expenses scandal at Westminster because people are perfectly able to differentiate between the different institutions.

Hmm, wishful thinking?

It's already been proved by Mr Blair’s 2004 referendum that there’s not a lot of interest in England for devolution so do we think the Presiding Officer’s got a good point?

Dewi Tri



MH said...

Be careful with words. Devolution "within England" means some sort of division of England (probably, though not necessarily, the nine current NUTS2 regions) which, as you rightly say, there is not much appetite for.

Dafydd El was calling for devolution FOR England (datganoli i Loegr) ... by which I think he means that England as a country should have a political identity within the UK in the same way as is true of Wales, Scotland and NI.

Anonymous said...

what are you trying to achieve through this blog?

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Anonymous said...

ditto MH. Don't confuse Englsh regional governance with English national governance. For what it's worth, I think Dafydd El is right. UK Government procedures (& Westminster business) are ludicrously overcomplicated & overburdoned by the lack of (& constant need to clarify the) distinction between it acting in: UK-wide capacity; 'bits of the UK' (eg England & Wales) capacity; and England-only capacity.

In effect, it means that 'for England, read UK'. Surely that's neither politically acceptable or administratively sensible?

The Stonedmason said...

Independence for every nation in Britain - treated as equals, working as neighbours, living next door to each other as friends. But different and distinct in ourselves.

Cibwr said...

Personally I'd say that England does need some political expression, but then I'd also say that it needs some form of devolution to its natural regions. Not much appetite for that but a lot of resentment of South East Centric policies from the rest of England.

Toque said...

There's enough interest for an English parliament, but not for regional devolution.

The most recent poll (Populus, May) showed support for an English Parliament at 41%, with 15% opposed and 44% unsure.

Previous polls tend to suggest that most of the 'unsure' are supporters of English votes on English laws, but this Tory policy is now being watered down to such an extent as to be practically useless.

tally said...

This government has no further plans for regional assemblies in England. The regional grand committeees are a dead duck and merely clutching at straws.An English Parliament will form gradually with more powers passed to Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland. The biggest insult as I see it, is politicians avoiding saying England and blanking English identity except when they're shouting racist.

link to government response,England 26 onwards