Friday, 3 July 2009

Please sir, I want some more!

So after this, what is the Assembly Government planning to do about swine flu?

Pig ignorance could work:

Maybe not. But it does seem the WAG is trying to say it's not really up to Cardiff Bay to do anything. Even though health is one of the devolved fields of competence, the WAG is arguing this is an exceptional situation and one where Westminster needs to get involved. But those in London aren't so keen on that idea - they're already in quite a bit of debt, don't you know!

Apparently it's going to cost tens of millions of pounds to roll out the vaccination programme across Wales and that's why the WAG is going cap in hand to the treasury asking for some financial help.

The WAG assures us whatever Mr Darling's decision is following Rhodri's pitch to the Treasury, the Welsh public have nothing to worry about: the WAG will find the funds if it has to.

In the meantime, whilst we await the Chancellor's answer, here are a few questions this episode seems to have thrown up:

What does all this say about the devolution settlement? Does it show that Wales isn't ready for more responsibility? Or do we just need a bigger budget? How ironic is it that everybody's up in arms when Westminster gets involved in the LCO process, but now - when we need some money - we're quite happy to ask for Westminster's involvement?

Or does this just show that the current Assembly government is unable to look after its piggy bank (see what I did there?) and simply isn't up to the job?


Dewi Dau

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