Friday, 24 July 2009

Kirsty's Listening

Forget Twitter and Facebook and all the fancy gadgets in between – Kirsty Williams is going back to basics and wants members of the public to send over ideas on a postcard.

"I believe that leaders should listen, not preach."

Fair doos.

But is this the best way to engage with her party members and the general public do we think? Can it encourage greater interaction with the political process? Or is it just a stunt that will have very little impact?

In PC style we'll wait and see.

In the meantime, if you want to tell Kirsty what's important to you, all the details are on the Lib Dem Cymru site.

Dewi Tri

PS The Dewis apologise for a lack of blogging of late – it's a busy time but we're still here!



Anonymous said...

isnt this just another one of Kirsty's gimmicks. Didnt she do something with pizza and meetings when she took the leadership. She's had more re-launches than Gordon Brown.

Hardly environmentally friendly either is it

Anonymous said...

You can't accuse it of being a stunt or gimmick, because nobody will hear about this or know about it unless they're internet politicos or on a Lib Dem mailing list.

Anonymous said...

hoffen ni gael bod yn 'up close and personal' efo Kirsty Williams fnarr fnarr !!

sori, ond rwy'n byw yn Lloegr, so I take my pleasures where I find them.