Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Over the Rainbow? Apparently not.

A tip - if ever you decide you'd like to know why the Rainbow coalition never came to be, please don't go asking Bethan Jenkins or Peter Black.

In fact this recent twitter exchange between the Plaid and Lib Dem AMs should be enough to make you lay the matter to rest!

It seems the friendly exchange began after an interested twitterer by the name of Marcuswarner, asked the following, innocent question:

#senedd is it only the 6 lib dem AMs that believe their 2007 coalition yarn? from web

@ Marcuswarner - it seems they are delusional. Eveyone at the conf yesterday were well aware of their role in the coalition negotiations.... from web

bethanjenkins you were considering rainbow option weeks after LD exec vote. Your rejected it. Nothing delusional about that.5:36 PM Jul 7th from web

peterblackwales- your party refused it before that.5:37 PM Jul 7th from web

bethanjenkins no it didnt Bethan.My party voted for it. Stop rewriting history.8:28 PM Jul 7th from web in reply to bethanjenkins

peterblackwales i think you are the one doing that.8:40 PM Jul 7th from Tweetie in reply to peterblackwales

bethanjenkins not at all. Review the events not the myths generated by your spin doctors.8:44 PM Jul 7th from web in reply to bethanjenkins

peterblackwales- that's a really hard accusation- lying. I never wanted Rainbow. Why would I want to lie about the whole thing?about 23 hours ago from web

bethanjenkins Your preferences at the time are irrelevant. You have adopted Plaid lies designed to spin a particular view of past events.about 15 hours ago from web

peterblackwales- no I haven't. I will defend it so we could continue this for agesabout 14 hours ago from web

bethanjenkins well if you are persisting in saying we voted against then clearly you have adopted Plaid liesabout 14 hours ago from web

peterblackwales - 14 hours ago from web

bethanjenkins article is incorrect in saying the Exec vetoed it as was evidenced by subsequent conf. Vote figures support my view on lies.about 10 hours ago from web in reply to bethanjenkins

peterblackwales oh please can we leave this now? This is going nowhere!about 5 hours ago from Tweetie in reply to peterblackwales

bethanjenkins I am not going to concede on the lies and misinformation Plaid are putting about. It is important that history not rewrittenabout 5 hours ago from web in reply to bethanjenkins

peterblackwales- I have consulted a well know political pundit on this, and that person agrees with my analysis. I have nothing more to sayabout 4 hours ago from web

bethanjenkins well he cant be that independent if he supports your distorted view of history #plaidrewritehistoryabout 4 hours ago from web in reply to bethanjenkins

peterblackwales- he is not 'my' pundit! He is independent. What a laugh.about 4 hours ago from web

So there we go then. Things may be awkward in the corridor from now on. Or then again they do say "wrth gicio a brathu mae cariad yn magu"!

Thoughts anybody?

Dewi Dau



Dewi Pedwar said...

Be honest - who genuinely gives a stuff about any of this?

Its like discussing the Geoff Hurst goal in 1966 - was it over the line or not?

The fact remains, the Welsh Lib Dems don't even deserve office.

To have any of them in WAG would be doing Wales a total disservice.

Burham, Bates and Black with their mitts on the levers of power, should send a shiver down anyone's spine - they are in most part bonkers and are typical of the piss-poor Regional AM calibre, that currently blights the Assembly.

Please let's move on this Huw Lewis inspired wet-dream drivel. Does the Welsh taxpayer really have pay for his office to come up with juvenile stuff like this?

Where is Sir Roger Jones when you really want him to really sort out AMs' staffing arrangements?

Sweet and Tender Hooligan said...


Well i am glad i was the catalyst of causing a row that didnt include me for once!

Needless to say, Bethan is right in my view. The Lib Dem tied vote changed the game...

Anonymous said...

Bethan is right. I don't think anyone except the lib dems believe they were not responsible. To be honest I think even the Lib Dems know they did this but given the rainbow wreaker Kirsty is their leader they have to oppose that view extra hard.

The sad thing is that Peter Black has perpetuated his lies on the matter so much i think he is starting to believe them.

The fact remains the lib dem national exec did not endorse it. After that the rainbow was done.

Anonymous said...

In a way they're both right. Obviously the lib dem exec tied vote changed the game but Black is right to say that the lib dems then voted for the rainbow, and Plaid continued to negotiate rainbow implemnetation and the One Wales deal with labour in the weeks after. Perhaps Bethan wasn't told about the continuing rainbow discussions by pladi leadership?