Monday, 10 August 2009

'Steddfod! 'Steddfod!

It wouldn't be an Eisteddfod nowadays without a Politics Cymru Podcast!

In between appearances on S4C2 Dewi Un and Dewi Dau spent some time comparing stalls..


Sunday, 2 August 2009

German shrubs for WAG garden

Rumours reaching us at Politics Cymru suggest the £70,000 worth of plants bought to decorate the Welsh Assembly Government's new offices in Aberystwyth have been imported from Germany.

The building, which has cost £20 million to build opens in September. It will be the new base for the Mid-Wales branch of the Department for the Economy and Transport, the Forestry Commission, the Countryside Council for Wales and the Department for Rural Affairs.

With such a team on the inside you would have thought they could have found some locally-sourced shrubs for the outside! (No doubt they would have been cheaper as well.)

Dewi Dau