Friday, 12 March 2010


You may recall this exchange between Bethan Jenkins and Peter Black on Twitter a few months ago.

Now, not to be left out, British politicians are getting in on the act.

Witness John Prescott vs Clwyd West’s own David Jones earlier:

DavidJonesMP Just heard @johnprescott in my constituency today. Hope he comes another couple of times before polling day. Will do me no end of good.

JohnPrescott @davidjonesmp Thanks for promoting my visit. Why don't you come & debate with me & Donna Hutton in Abergele at 2.45 IF you're in your seat!

DavidJonesMP @johnprescott no, I'm actually working in Westminster. And don't you notify colleagues of visits to their constituencies?

JohnPrescott @davidjonesmp Why don't you send your mate Ashcroft? He bought the seat for you last time

DavidJonesMP @johnprescott and how much is Unite bunging Labour?

DavidJonesMP @johnprescott mind you, I suppose Clwyd West's loss is Hull's gain. They must welcome the relief.

JohnPrescott Unite members pay tax in this country. Shame your fella doesn't RT @davidjonesmp

DavidJonesMP@johnprescott still I'm disappointed you didn't write to say you were coming. Haven't you got a diary secretary to do that?

Democracy at its best? Awaiting any further comebacks...

Dewi Tri