Friday, 21 November 2008

C'mon Cymru!

I felt compelled having read an 'Interesting' article on the Daily Mail's website today (it was pointed out to me - I didn't go looking for it), to give Politics Cymru's thoughts on tomorrow's match. "Wales don't have a hope" we are told by the paper's correspondent. And so on the eve of the titanic battle (fingers crossed) this blog deviates slightly from it's political raison-d'etre to join the patriotism and flag waving ahead of the big game.

We may not have a chance, but we can always have hope. And are we not allowed to lose ourselves, for a few hours ahead of the game, in the romantic idea that in sport anything is possible? Can we not find hope and encouragement in past sporting events like Istanbul, Rocky Balboa and Wales/England earlier this year where the underdog came good and the odds were shamlessly ignored.

"Only the accents change" the journalist tells us as he compares the All Blacks' victory in Scotland [correction: Ireland] last week with this weekend's event. I beg to differ and ask anyone who shares that opinion to look at this year's final six nations table.

So in conclusion, C'mon Cymru! Make us proud and give us all something to be smug about on Monday morning!

The small print: At Politics Cymru we believe strongly in the distribution of neutral, balanced and objective information. We also strongly believe that when the Welsh team is involved in a rugby game these values can be ignored at our discretion.

Dewi Dau

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Chris Hedley said...

finer detail, Scotland played the springboks last weekend and the all blacks played the Irish.

but otherwise I agree, sport is all about hope and they will be a lot of that flying around in Cardiff on Saturday early evening.

Close the roof, employ an Englishman to marshall your defense, get a bit of luck and sing loud and proud...

anything can happen!

C'mon CYMRU!!!!!!