Monday, 24 November 2008

Bethan Jenkins kick-starts 'Yes' Campaign: 'Poyning' the way.

Anybody else never heard of Poyning's Law?

Apparently it's an appropriate way for describing the current complexities of the LCO system in Wales. Dewi Un will be fascinated!

Also interesting to see that somebody has finally launched a "pro-yes" campaign ahead of any referendum on getting law-making powers for the Assembly. Perhaps now we can hear both sides of the argument: with the "No" campaign having been launched yonks ago!

Of course Politics Cymru will be keeping an eye on all the developments so you don't have to.

Dewi Dau


Anna Bailey said...

I'm disappointed in your knowledge of Irish history, Politics Cymru.

Politics Cymru said...

Rest assured Ms Bailey that we are doing all we can to address this issue and will not rest until our knowledge of Irish history is complete!