Thursday, 20 November 2008

Leighton Andrews rules himself out of a race that doesn't exist

Leighton Andrews has just been on the BBC's Dragon's Eye ruling himself out of the Welsh Labour leadership contest.

Rhodri Morgan has of course suggested that his departure date will be around September next year – a full 10 months away. So why is the Deputy Minister for Regeneration bringing this up now?

Adrian Masters and Betsan Powys speculated that this was a deliberate attempt on Mr Andrews' part to get the ball rolling on a leadership race which might not be a bad move on the part of Welsh Labour.

At the moment the party is in a transitional period – I'm not sure I'd go as far as to say it was a lame duck administration but as long as there are questions over the leadership it can only cause further distractions.

And what of potential candidates for the big job in Welsh politics?

Leighton Andrews wasn't at all forthcoming but he did recommend that it was time for potential candidates to “get out their stalls”.

My opinion is that the obvious choice is Carwyn Jones and there's also talk of Huw Lewis but there are another 21 eligible AMs and I'm not sure I'd rule any of them out just yet...

Quick note: expect a posting on Leighton Andrews' blog on this subject in the not-too-distant future.

Dewi Tri

Thanks for that Dewi Tri.

Can I add my two-pence worth and throw a cat in amongst the pigeons: how about Eluned Morgan, MEP? She'll soon have some time on her hands! We might have to discuss this in our next podcast!

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