Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Eluned Morgan ruling nothing out

Eluned Morgan has just told S4C's CF99 that she's “keeping her options open” in the near future.

She has been a Labour MEP for Wales since 1994 but will be stepping down next year – she has been touted as a potential successor to Rhodri Morgan in Cardiff West (and possibly as Welsh Labour Leader).

After leaving Brussels next year, Eluned will take some time out of politics and “away from the spotlight”, but she doesn't think she'll be able to stay away from politics for into that what you will...

On the same programme Conservative Alun Cairns made his position very clear: he wants to be in London.

He said that he found being in opposition very frustrating and that there's a better chance of his party getting to lead in Westminster.

Eluned Morgan's performance was very confident and competent and it strikes me that for someone who's looking to escape the spotlight, S4C's leading political programme might not be the best place to hide...

Dewi Tri

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