Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Dear BBC...

After this, an open letter has been delivered to the BBC on behalf of a group of 26 Assembly Members.

The 26 AMs represent all of the political parties in the Assembly. Plaid’s South Wales Central AM Leanne Wood co-ordinated the letter and delivered it today to the BBC at Broadcasting House in Llandaf, Cardiff. It was handed by a cross-party group of AMs to Rhodri Talfan Davies from BBC Wales.

The Open Letter calls on the BBC to reconsider its position on the humanitarian aid appeal issued by the Disasters Emergency Committee. The corporation, along with Sky, has refused to broadcast the appeal. The Assembly Members are joining widespread calls from around the world for the BBC to support the aid appeal by screening the broadcast.
Leanne Wood commented:

“I am pleased that there is genuine cross-party support for the BBC to reconsider its decision. This reflects the amount of messages we have been receiving from our constituents asking us to take action on us. We feel that the people of Wales are behind us on this.

“This Open Letter is a non-partisan message for the BBC and I hope that they will take it into consideration. The Disasters Emergency Committee are a non-political organisation and their broadcast is strictly humanitarian. By refusing to show it, the BBC is potentially limiting the amount of assistance we could give to injured children in Gaza.”

The letter was delivered by Assembly Members Leanne Wood, Mike German, Bethan Jenkins and Rhodri Glyn Thomas.

Dewi Dau


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bigbluemeanie said...

Almost nightly during the three weeks of the assault on Gaza I heard statements broadcast by the BBC from people (Israeli spokespersons) arguing that I should have no sympathy for the Palestinians under attack in Gaza. They deserved it. They had elected a nasty bunch of people as their government. It was due to circumstances that they were themselves responsible for. And somehow, it was added, even if the ordinary Palestinians weren’t responsible then the nasty people that they elected should be held accountable for the civilian deaths as these nasties had been hiding among the civilians and shooting rockets at Israel.

This is the impartiality that the BBC defends. An impartiality that doesn't distinguish properly between civilians and combatants. An impartiality that gives daily voice to Israeli fears and concerns but seldom voices those of ordinary Palestinian victims. Thompson disgusts me.