Monday, 19 January 2009

Press Briefing

Word has just got to us that Carwyn Jones is taking tomorrow's press briefing.

I wonder if we'll be seeing a lot more of him there?

(I'm reading far more into this than I should!)

Dewi Un



Dylan J said...

Dewi,Yes you are reading far too much into it. They take it in turns, but Mr Neagle can't play at Press Briefing because it is just for actual Ministers, not fantasy Ministers. It will be another Minister next week and Carwyn Jones in about eight weeks time when it's his turn again.

Politics Cymru said...

Hello Dylan,

Thanks for the comment firstly.

We appreciate that different ministers take the Press briefing, I just got a little over excited because one of us will be there to ask him if he's running. I imagine we'll be there in 8 weeks asking the same thing!

should be good fun!

Dewi Un

Adam said...

Seriously, this is really, good site. I love your podcast in particular.

Keep up the good work, chaps.

Dylan J said...

Hi Dewi 1.

Firstly many thanks for your reply. I appreciate your appreciation of the rotating ministers system.

I only hope that you do not waste your question on asking Carwyn Jones the question about is he running. He more than likely has a stock pile of clever answers ready to go for that one. What I would like to see asked in a briefing room is something about Mr Neagle. This is the interesting angle I have yet to see answered.

I read the western mail (online) and skip through a few blogs each day and it seems apparent to me that it is stating the bleeding obvious that both are running. I liked some of the “ideas” talk which came from Carwyn Jones in the Llanelli ‘launch, which wasn’t a launch’, but have got time for Mr Neagle too.

In truth I was annoyed at a Labour AM, running for leadership buying a book on Plaid with taxpayers money, but found the few quid it cost easier to explain to my non partisan friends down my local than the Pyrex bowls and double second home thing that Mr and Mrs Neagle swiped at tens of thousands from the public purse. This Penarth paradise freebie just does not go down well.

I have a vote as a Labour member, want to choose the best leader for the party, Welsh Assembly Government and the right bloke to run the country for my grandchildren’s sake, but I have yet to make up my mind. I am sure Mr Neagle has some message to bring, besides child poverty (My grand children do pretty well as do those of my fellow Labour members, thanks) and I m sure that Jones can lift the level beyond the sporting clichés (Calzaghi is paid to beat and be beaten in the head for a living….great role model), but we want to know what they stand for. What will they bring? The questions need to be asked of them both

1) Why not the other Guy?

2) How will you unite the party?

3) How will you win us more seats next time?

4) Why you for leader?

5) What about the Plaid issue? No B.S what would you do with the coalition if you get the job?

I know they all read the blogs in the offices of the Senedd, so read this:

This is important stuff. If the blogs are anything to go by, then the supporters of the two have gone into overdrive in the comments boxes, with smearing and name calling beginning already (although the nastier stuff seems to be more from Merthyr than Bridgend). This makes the party look stupid. Let us have the battle, on and off line, but lets dignify it by allowing a battle of ideas over rhetoric, truth over spin. I and many other party members remain to be convinced either way, come on both sides, lets see what you have got for the future of Wales. D.J

Politics Cymru said...


Just to let you know we asked what he thought of the Obama inauguration.

Original I know.

Dewi Un