Sunday, 18 January 2009

Who would want to be Nick Bourne?

Just when it seemed to be getting better, Nick Bourne has his future as Welsh Conservative leader cast in doubt, again.

This time the Police are laying into Nick (and that’s not Sting's 3 piece rock band). It was confirmed yesterday that Police are investigating Mr Bourne's expenses, following allegations that he has been illegally claiming back cash he receives from the Preseli Pembrokeshire Conservatives.

We have to remember that this is probably a classic case of jumping on the bandwagon. The investigation into the beleaguered Tory leader was initiated by Labour Parliamentary candidate Jenny Rathbone, and it does smack of political opportunism by the Cardiff Central hopeful. I’m sure her actions will get her several brownie points from Labour HQ.

With all this going on can Nick Bourne concentrate on his job? Surely the Conservative group in the Assembly have taken their eyes off the ball during the past few months and have been mainly concentrating on sharp knives: trying to get enough votes to start sharpening knives or avoiding being stabbed by a sharp knife.

Having said all this I have to admire Mr Bourne’s guts (or is that stupidity?) . No matter what is thrown at him he keeps on getting up and carrying on, he really must want his job. I think a lot of people would have said “sod this I’m off to chill out on the backbenches”.

Whether this Police investigation will have any effect on Mr Bourne's life expectancy is a matter for time to answer, given everything else that been thrown at him I don’t think it will.

P.S I’m not in the habit of handing out advice as to what people should do in their spare time but I went to watch “The Wrestler” last night, I cried.

The film is first class, if you have some time, I would advise watching it

Hwyl am y tro

Dewi Un

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