Thursday, 22 January 2009

Just asking...

Translation of "Jyst gofyn" by Vaughan Roderick

There are all sorts of whispers circling the Bay about the Welsh language LCO. One of them is that the Assembly will not have the right to force banks to use Welsh, but that right will exist for certain other areas in the private sector.

One little question. Are Northern Rock and RBS not now part of the public sector? If so why are they exempt? If Lloyds/HBOS and Barclays end up being owned by the government how on earth can you justify treating them any differently to the Post Office?

On the other hand it would be strange if the Assembly could force Northern Rock to operate bilingually - but not the Principality.

I'm beginning to see why this application has taken so long!

PS. One government minister's reaction to this point: "...interesting...nobody's thought of that".

Translation by Dewi Dau



Anonymous said...

My god. The banking system is in crisis yet you nats cannot help but go on about whether or not you can speak Welsh at their local Natwest when trying to extend the overdraft on their student account.

You know what, I and most rational people in Wales cannot imagine a matter less important at this particular time.

You really think counter staff at Northern rock in say Cardiff, fearful of whether they will have a job in a years time should really have to worry about satisfying the pathetic demands of a member of cymuned who wants to conduct his banking through the medium of Welsh?

Politics Cymru said...

Thank you for your comment! This is something we discuss in our latest podcast: have a listen!