Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Mohammad Asghar and a Dewi

Well Mr Mohammad Asghar AM caused a bit of a stir yesterday!

We had the chance to sit down with him at the Assembly to ask him about his defection from Plaid to the Conservatives...

Y Dewis



Anonymous said...

Hardly Frost/Nixon is it?

Barry said...

"Political parties are political parties."

Translation: "I cared more about getting into power than about the policies of the party to which I belonged."

Conservatives beware.

Anonymous said...

This man is such a waste of space in the political machine. He, and therefore his poor electorate, will go nowhere fast. His self-importance is evidently his only political ambition. And surely, surely, surely there must be a better way of ensuring diversity amongst our elected representatives than political parties leaping on the first opportunity that presents itself and abandoning all other selection criteria. Plaid, it was a woefully irresponsible thing to do, for so many reasons, to select him in the first place.

Anonymous said...

The man is nothing but a total self interested, self serving politician, one of many unfortunately. Newport and South East Wales don't need him or his daughter, hope the Tories send him to the Valleys

Anonymous said...

How this self-serving clown could ever conclude that the electorate would buy this as a genuine change of conscience is beyond me. There couldn't be a bigger chasm between Tory and Plaid policies so it's not as if this was a natural ideological progression. It's actually insulting.

There should be an emergency by-election when this happens because at the moment, Ashgar represents only himself.