Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Bagpuss, acronyms and chocolate Cludo...

Well our Assembly Members have been away from Cardiff Bay for a week or so now and thanks to glorious modern technology we can follow what they're up to!

Here's some highlights from Assembly Member's Twitter feeds (that you can follow @Politics_Cymru/AMsWhoTweet):

@bethanjenkins I won chocolate cludo! How chuffed am I?!!!!

@peterblackwales has enjoyed BBC4 documentary on Oliver Postgate. Bagpuss was meant to be marmalade coloured but dye went wrong. Who knew?

@JonMorganAM was strangely looking forward to going to the panto tonight!

@LeanneWood last (half day) at the office. Yipee!

@DarrenMillarAM Just realised that mince pies is an anagram of 'mice penis'. Very alarming given that I have consumed so many over the past few weeks!

@huwlewis thinks Merthyr looks like a Christmas card picture this morning

@peterblackwales has decided that it is time to put the Christmas decorations up

@DarrenMillarAM Snow, snow, snow, snow! Snow, snow, snow, snow! Lovely snow!

Merry Christmas everyone
Dewi Tri


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