Tuesday, 1 December 2009

It's Carwyn after all...

Months of speculation, weeks of campaigning and days of guessing and here we are, finally having confirmation that Carwyn Jones has been elected as the next leader of the Welsh Labour party.

Whilst the result wasn’t surprising the scale of his victory certainly was. The man who is now first minister elect received 51% of the first round vote, winning outright and removing the need to worry about second preference votes.

So what’s next? Well there are 2 key questions I suppose:

1) What shape will the cabinet now take? Who’s in, who’s out?
2) What’s his stance on an autumn referendum?

In his interviews post result Carwyn batted all these contentious issues aside and instead focused on the unifying effect of the election. All three candidates expressed their belief that this is now a Labour party united and ready to take the fight to the Tories et al come May/June.

The speculation is now rife as to the future of many things – but for tonight let’s just leave it at the facts.

Carwyn Jones - 51.98 %
Edwina Hart - 29.19 %
Huw Lewis - 18.84 %

Dewi Un


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