Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Carwyn Who?

The two remaining Dewis have just spent 5 minutes having a flick through the UK’s national press to find no mentions of Carwyn Jones’ election.

Not one.

Will making a splash on the front page of the Western Mail really be enough to let the people of Wales know who he is? (Let alone letting them know what he wants to do?)

Dewi Tri

PS interesting thoughts from Michael White on Good Morning Wales this morning (2 hours 55 minutes in on iPlayer)
PPS if we missed the story do let us know!



Anonymous said...

There's a piece on page 2 of my FT by Jim Pickard (no stranger to the Assembly), there's an online 4 liner in the Mirror, and a piece that the Guardian posted online yesterday (which reads like PA copy)

But your central point - and one that Rhun made quite forcefully to Michael White - is quite correct. A significant UK story (given that Carwyn could be most prominent elected member of Labour Party in les than six months) has been ignored by the London-based press.

Gareth Price

Asa said...

You're not quite correct:

But as the shortness of the above articles show, your wider point is correct

Anonymous said...

you make a good point, much will depend on Carwyn's press advisers and how well they sell their boss to the Welsh electorate and the rest of the UK, its certainly a big task.

Carwyn also had a brief interview with Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics yesterday (link below) and was congratulated by the Prime Minister in PMQ's yesterday.