Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Being left out is the best thing that could have happened to the nationalists

I remember a few months ago we were saying how one of the most interesting things about the problems MPs were facing was how parties like Plaid hadn’t been able to capitalise on the misfortunes of their mainstream colleagues.

It’s because they were now lumped in with their mainstream colleagues. Plaid here in Wales and their sister party, the SNP in Scotland, are now parties of Government and can no longer count on picking up votes by being anti-(English) establishment.

But now our national broadcasters could seemingly have thrown them a bone!

They’ve been left out of those mainstream English debates that will have to debate all those issues that are devolved in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The nationalist parties could now go back to their grassroots, back to their communities, and claim that they are once again the party of the people not of the establishment.

Why are Alex Salmond and Elfyn Llwyd kicking up such a fuss?

Couldn’t they say they’re not the same as everyone else now...

Dewi Tri


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Anonymous said...

What a pisspoor post - you know perfectly well that the massive coverage that will be given to the 'leaders' debate will pick up votes for their parties to the detriment of Plaid and the SNP. The difference between Plaid and the SNP is that Wales's media is totally shit , inept, anglo-centric and duff. Therefore it will invisibilise Plaid and give undue prominence to largely irrelevant parties in Wales such as the Lib Dems, while at the same pumping up the votes of NuLab and the tories.
Honestly - look around you.