Tuesday, 8 December 2009

"The people of the South Wales region did not want a second Tory AM"

Here's Plaid's response (in full) to Mohammad Asghar's defection:

The Leader of Plaid Cymru Ieuan Wyn Jones AM has responded with surprise and disappointment to the news that Mohammad Asghar, the Assembly Member for South Wales East has left Plaid Cymru to join the Conservative group in the Assembly.

Mr Asghar was elected to represent the South Wales East region on behalf of Plaid Cymru in 2007. The Plaid Leader Ieuan Wyn Jones said:

We very much regret Mohammad Asghar’s decision and it comes as a shock to members both of the Plaid Cymru group and the wider party. We were particularly surprised to hear of this news from the media. We were very proud of the fact that in campaigning hard for Mohammad Asghar’s election in 2007 that Plaid Cymru ensured the first ever Assembly Member from the black minority ethnic community. It is has come as a shock that he has now decided that he shares the same values as those held by the Conservative and Unionist party.”

The Chair of the Plaid Cymru group Dai Lloyd said:

We now call on Mohammad Asghar to take the honourable decision to resign his seat as a Plaid Cymru AM. The people of the South Wales region did not want a second Tory AM to represent the area – they elected a Plaid Cymru AM. Mr Asghar does not have the political mandate to sit in the Assembly as a Conservative member for the South East.”

Dewi Tri



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

she's another opportunist who has no loyalty to the party. a big lesson to the plaid leadership, who were also pushing Angharad Mair not so long ago

Dyfrig said...

Nice bit of shamless slander there, Mr Anonymous poster. Hateful, hurtful, and finished off with a nice slice of misogyny.

Politics Cymru said...

We don't like deleting comments. We like getting comments. But could we ask that comments made are constructive and as nice as possible!


Y Dau Dewi

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering why these comments have not been taken down given they are clearly defamatory. Did your journalism training not cover this sort of thing....the editors of the site are considered responsible for the comments, not the person commenting.

RT Coopers Solicitor said...

I'm a solicitor who specialises in Media relations.

I think it's fairly clear that the guys who run the site have acted responsibly, they have moderated the comments made and nothing that has since been posted is anywhere near defamatory.

It frustrates me when people use the term defamation when they clearly don't understand what constitutes a defamatory comment, it tends to be done when people don't like the truth...