Monday, 21 December 2009

Uh, what about us?

Well Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg are all (apparently) very excited about facing each other in a primetime TV debate but not everyone’s happy with the news.

No sooner had the news been announced than Elfyn Llwyd’s people had issued a press release stating their disapproval at being left out of the whole thing.

Mr LLwyd says:

"Plaid Cymru and the SNP have been key parties in Westminster for decades. By choosing to leave out the respective leaders of these parties from this highly publicised televised debate, it gives the three London parties an unfair advantage in this election."

All other minority parties are also being left out of the debate.

One might argue that if the purpose of these debates is to engage with the electorate then (quite literally) filling a stage with people in suits might not be the best remedy.

Another point that doesn’t seem to have been raised yet is the question of what exactly is going to be debated?? Baring in mind that certain policy areas (little things like health and education for instance) are devolved matters and this election will have no direct result on how money is spent in the NHS and in schools in Wales (and Scotland).

The complex British constitution isn’t easily explained or’ll be interesting to see how ITV, Sky and the BBC try to break down the barriers between politics and the public...

Dewi Tri



Anonymous said...

Could I present a possible solution to this? Plaid, The SNP and the Greens should form an electoral pact based on the European Free Alliance –Green partnership in the European Parliament. Then claim a fourth spot sharing the debates between them. It is perhaps too late and with the Greens in Scotland being a separate party very difficult to arrange but such a pact would invigorate progressive voters in the next election and benefit al parties. How many times have progressive friends have lamented they could not vote for the Plaid or SNP?

Pelagius said...

Good idea Anon 11.25. More than happy to support thinking outside the British box. We won't get fair play inside it. I don't see a problem with the Scottish Greens; after all, they mostly support the SNP government. Let's hope the powers-that-be learn of your suggestion. I'll sure pass it on. Will other bloggers here add their weight? Could be another citizens campaign: Rage Against the British Machine!

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