Thursday, 26 February 2009

Morgan out?

No not Rhodri but interesting stuff nonetheless. This from Vaughan Roderick and translated here:

Things aren't all well in the Conservatives' offices. It appears Nick Bourne's efforts to reshuffle his cabinet have been shambolic and the members who were sharpening their knives and who failed to strike a blow before Christmas are fuming. One Tory described the situation as "appalling".

The rumour is that Jonathan Morgan, the favourite to succeed Nick has left the the cabinet after failing to accept the post of education spokesperson.


What does this mean? Why has Jonathan Morgan - currently the Tories' spokesman on health - turned this opportunity down? Is he planning a challenge to the leadership?

Translation by Dewi Dau



Gavin said...

You would think that with the economic crisis they would be spending more time worrying about the actions of the Government and not their own internal spats

Anonymous said...

why the government arent bothered