Monday, 30 March 2009

Why no more?

After that "Why, why why?" video mysteriously disappears from a certain popular online video website, here's Vaughan's reaction:

The Delilah video has been taken down from YouTube. Here's Aneurin Bevan's explanation:

"We have removed our Why, Why, Why? video from YouTube after we were informed that some Nats and Tories had complained. It's a real shame that these sensitive souls are so easily offended, and find criticism so hard to take!"

Nothing to do with clearing the rights to the music, nor the pictures, nor breaking electoral rules! Nothing to do with the total embarrassment to the Labour party ahead of a shared press briefing between Rhodri Morgan and his deputy. The video is still available on the BBC!


Of course this critique pointing out some of the song's less grammatically correct features may have offered one additional motivation for pulling the song! You can find more comments responding to Hain, Morgan and Davies' new site here on - you guessed it -!

Translation by Dewi Dau


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