Friday, 6 March 2009

Podcast #12: A Missing Dewi...

We're a Dewi down but we're not letting that stop us! In this week's Podcast we're talking all about Nick Bourne - is his leadership really in question? Is it alright for the Government to be spending £42m on refurbishing their old offices? And Bethan Jenkins and Leanne Wood and what do we think's going on at Plaid?

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Dewi Dau a Dewi Tri



DaiTwp said...

It'll be interesting to hear Dewi Tri interview Nick Bourne - we won't be able to tell which one is speaking

Cibwr said...

A comment on the building costs:
Its spread over 6 years
It will build in savings, mainly from energy conservation of 5 million a year, so it will pay for its self in under 9 years and save 5 million a year in running costs each year there after.
It actually covers 19 buildings, not just the old Welsh Office building in Cathays Park. So its a lot of money but it is the sort of thing that should be done for all public buildings and would reduce our carbon footprint, pay for its self and save money in the long run. Thus its actually a sound investment.

Anonymous said...

Tory AMs giving lectures on wasteful spending. Hmmm.