Monday, 9 March 2009

Helen Mary Jones on 'making the independence argument relevant'

All 3 Dewis went off to a Plaid press conference at Nos Da bar down by the river this morning. Also present were some of the party's leading politicians; Adam Price, Helen Mary Jones, Jocelyn Davies and the party's presumptive Parliamentary candidate for Llanelli, Myfanwy Davies (the notable absentee being party leader Ieuan Wyn Jones - we were told not to read anything to that though...).

They were launching a new website: (or if you'd prefer - it's a website all about promoting an independent Wales.

A few questions from the press about whether or not this was the right time to be launching such a campaign? Is this just to keep the party faithful happy? Do they expect to see an independent Wales within their lifetimes? The answer to that last question was yes from everyone on the panel.

Adam Price and Jocelyn Davies weren't available for interview after the press conference (will try and bring you the highlights in this week's Podcast) but I did chat to Helen Mary Jones and we talked about why she thinks an independent Wales is essential and how an independent Wales would look...

Dewi Tri



Trevor Jones said...

Very good initiative from Plaid. Pity Politics Cymru staff cannot spell the word 'relevant'.

Batasuna Brian from Barry said...

Rather than trusting politicians, we believe people can change their lives through community resistance.

Ditch Plaid - support the true socialist voice in Wales - support Cymru Goch!

Can we change Wales?
Yes we can!

Politics Cymru said...

Trevor: fair point. This has now been changed. Apologies!


Anonymous said...

Ahh--there is no escaping the spelling police!

It's a very good website to be fair ( and you cannot accuse them of ducking the issue anymore.

As for Barry bless him, he'd make a great Gavin & Stacey character.