Thursday, 5 March 2009

Kirsty is Devolved Politician of the Year

It's true!

Tipped off by the lady herself (@KirstyAM) - Kirsty Williams won the Devolved Parliament & Assembly Member of the Year award at the Women in Public Life Awards yesterday.

A deserved win do we think?

Dewi Tri



Libby Demm said...

Kirsty, as expected, is a complete disappointment - not least to her own party. The Lib Dems have become an accident waiting to happen.
I have heard that Jenny Randerson's retirement plans have been put well and truly on hold.
She was rumoured to be standing down at the next Assembly elections in 2011, however, the word on the Cardiff street now is, Jenny has "re-prioritised" her plans - code for hanging-in there to pick up the pieces after Kirsty's inevitable downfall.
My Lib Dem contacts say Jenny is sufficiently bouyed by Kirsty's poor leadership style that the party could be turning to her to lead in the not too distant future. Watch this space!

Anonymous said...

All this blatant Plaid based anti-Kirsty banter is really quite amusing. The Plaid blogs have been vitriolic in their criticism of the New Welsh Lib Dem Leader. Fightened of what might happen after the 2011 elections?? We all know how much more Labour would rather be in coalition with the Lib Dems than with Plaid.