Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Alternatives to Devolution?

The LCO system is flawed. This just in from the Welsh Conservatives.

But what is the solution to the problem?

Plaid, I’m sure, would promote the idea of more powers at the Assembly but the likes of True Wales (and Nick Bourne according to this morning’s Tory press conference) think they should work with the powers they’ve already got.

So with a general consensus that things need to change but no consensus as to what form that change should take – what are the options that might be explored in the not-too-distant future?

Another Government of Wales Act perhaps? Or perhaps the referendum will take place and succeed after all!

But is there a way to improve the current settlement without devolving more powers? Mr Bourne said he wanted to get Westminster working better with the Assembly not setting them against each other as seems to be the present situation.

How might this be achieved? No actual policy proposals from Mr Bourne. But it will be something for the next Conservative government to look at apparently.

On that subject, the question of how many MPs the Tories expect to gain at the next General Election was raised. Mr Bourne said they have "a number of very good candidates in good target seats" - so we should expect to see Tory MPs in double figures being returned to Westminster...

So what do we think about all this?

Are further devolved powers the only way? What will be the Tory’s answer to the problem be? And is Nick Bourne on the money with his optimistic predictions?

Dewi Tri



Swansea Voter said...

What a great press conference. Essentially Nick Bourn is saying that the current system doesn't work and that something needs to be done. But he wont say what, he wont say why and he wont say how. Great! Still we do have his cast iron promise than a tory government will "look" at it! You can take that to the bank!

DaiTwp said...

It all sums up where Welsh devolution is at though really. The majority of the public either don't know, don't care or are mistaken about the present settlement. None of the politiacl parties are happy with the current arrangement but can't agree what should be done about it. It's all a bit a mess really. A mess which has been made all the more confusing now by the house of Lords saying the veto inserted in on the LCO by the WSAC is unlawful.
Not to mention the "consultation" phase now being inserted by the WSAC regarding the language LCO. Surely any public consultation should have been done by the WAG when drawing up the LCO in the first place.