Saturday, 28 March 2009

Two’s company, three’s a crowd - Edwina Hart plans to run for the top job

Politics Cymru have heard that Edwina Hart has decided to run for the Labour leadership! We have been told that she has informed a few key personnel and is in the embryonic stages of planning her campaign.

This throws the whole contest wide open as it had been expected that the health minister would act as King (or should that be Queen?) maker for either Huw Lewis or Carwyn Jones. The latter, who has been favourite to take over from Rhodri, must be devastated to find that the AM for the Gower is now running.

What this does for the odds should make for interesting reading, and what it does for the contest even more so. We have already seen a clear socialist vision of Wales put forth by Huw Lewis, so does Edwina Hart, who is of course a devoted trade unionist and socialist, jump even further to the left? Or does she concentrate her campaign on personality and experience?

All we really know is that the debates (if there are any) will make for very interesting viewing!

As ever let us know your opinions (which, given the strength of comment we had last time we blogged about Edwina Hart, should be good).


Dewi Un


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Puzzled of Pontcanna said...

Edwina wants to be top dog? You don't say - as breaking news that's right up there with the Pope's religious affiliation and the latest trend in ursine lavatory habits. I'm baffled that she's still in the cabinet after that business with the chamber orchestra.