Sunday, 29 March 2009

Prime Minister Cameron would come and visit Wales once a year

David Cameron has been in Cardiff this morning to address the Welsh Conservative Party conference.

In the course of his speech in which he attacked the Westminster Government for being economically irresponsible he also promised that if he were at Number 10 he would visit the Senedd once a year to answer questions before AMs.

This comes off the back of Cheryl Gillan yesterday promising to make more regular visits herself to Cardiff Bay.

The Conservatives are accusing Gordon Brown of not making enough visits to Wales and that a British Prime Minister should be more in touch with all the countries within it.

But how much difference would this really make? Is it just an empty token gesture or can it really make the system better?

Dewi Tri



Al Iguana said...

He'd only stand up there and give it "wots occurin?" again. He'd just promise the world then bugger off again until next year. No thanks. Although I do think the First Minister (of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) should have hotline access to the Prime Minister, if they don't already. But just turning up for a photo-opp will do nothing for the running of the countries, which need fully-devolved powers not grinning chimps on show.

Anonymous said...

seen as both George Osbourne and David Cameron both described Wales as a Principality in thier speeches, you still have to ask in 2009 how much have the Conservative's really changed in thier attitudes to Wales and welsh issues?

On the substance the Conservatives have said a lot this weekend without really saying anything, and surprise surprise not a probing question from the welsh media apart from the ususal devolution and Europe guff to enlighten the general public, im still none the wiser on what a Tory Government will mean

Anonymous said...

(a) it's Osborne, not Osbourne

(b) Wales IS a prinipality; we've got a prince!

Al Iguana said...

@anonymous: correction, we don't have a Prince, HE has us.

Anonymous said...

Wales IS a prinipality;
Is that a new one , havent seen that before.
Wales is a country, why is that so hard for people to grasp.
Its not about a layer of figurative governace. Thats just for tourist bucks