Thursday, 19 March 2009

For heaven's sake...

This from Vaughan

I doubt there's need for more proof of how clumsy and ridiculous Wales' legislative framework is as it exists at the moment. However as the housing LCO disappears into some pit in the House of Lords let us consider the scrutiny process that the language LCO is currently going through.

It's the Assembly's Legislative Committee (5) that's considering the LCO in the Bay. On the 10th of March the committee heard from David Rosser and Leighton Jenkins from CBI Cymru. This week the language movements had their chance with Menna Machreth and Sioned Haf representing Cymdeithas yr Iaith and Alun Owens speaking on behalf of the Urdd.

On Monday the Select Committee will be at it in Westminster. Who are the witnesses? Among others David Rosser, Leighton Jenkins, Menna Machreth, Sioned Haf and Alun Owens.



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Translation by Dewi Dau


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