Friday, 27 March 2009

Why, why, why?

So what do we make of this then?

Three prominent Labour politicians have launched a new website (presumably in response to Plaid Cymru's WalesCan site) and their first offering is this interesting video.

Is this just a light-hearted attempt at drawing in votes ahead of June's European elections? Probably. Are opposition parties getting a bit too wound up about all this? Possibly.

But there are a couple of issues here: how is this material any different to Nick Bourne's dodgy dossier (apart from being slightly more musical and creative)?

Secondly, how will Plaid Cymru react to this? The party will inevitably be annoyed at seeing its leader dressed in a very fetching clown's hat. Let's remember that this fragile coalition agreement is based on the need for compromise between Labour and Plaid. This video can only make things between Rodders and IWJ more awkward - although perhaps they can now compare notes on what it is that makes drawing comparisons between them and clowns so appealing.

Plaid Cymru supporters will also wonder what damage the video's take on the constitutional future will have done to the prospects of holding a referendum. We know Labour have never supported independence but in effectively dismissing Plaid Cymru as a party whose sole raison d'etre is to achieve independence for Wales, in the process they are distancing themselves from the 'greater powers for Wales' argument.

This video is a stroke of genius if these are the objectives. I doubt however that Peter Hain, who likes to describe himself as one of the chief architects of devolution, has such goals in his sights.

The other two running this site are Eluned Morgan, MEP and Alun Davies, AM.

Inspired choice for a website name to be fair to the three of them though. "": I see what they did there! Although one struggles to see how OG would ever associate himself with any party other than Plaid Cymru if he was still around.

Dewi Dau



Gavin said...

I think Plaid will love this site. It will only make people laugh at Labour.

In fariness I don't think any party will be wound up by it, certainly not afraid as Hain thinks. They have make Labour the laughing stock of the internet

Welsh Ramblings said...

I like the blog and the podcast. But this post shows how your attempts to stay 'onside' with Labour reduce the value of this blog.

You've pulled your punches to please the political establishment.

The blog is amusing for most of us, but sad for those very many decent people in the Labour party who thought they had joined a party that stands for progressive values. They've made the party of Bevan, Jim Griffiths, Elystan Morgan and S.O. Davies look like a bunch of jokers.

Welsh Ramblings said...

The "blog" in last para refers to AG not Politics Cymru of course.

Puzzled of Pontcanna said...

Even the word "risible" is inadequate to describe this. How much are we paying these people to run our country?

Anonymous said...

"its a bit of fun"

Well, no one would take it seriously, would they?

If it is a serious peice of work - and Peter Hain says it is - then they must be really desperate.

A journalist friend of mine - when I asked about campaigning points - said, do nothing Labour are your best recruiters.