Thursday, 5 February 2009

Podcast #8 - the language one!

"Diwrnod hanesyddol i'r iaith Gymraeg".

Monday was billed as a historic day for the Welsh langauge so it's no surprise that this week's podcast is dominated by the Welsh language LCO. Is it far reaching enough? Does it go too far?

Also this week: How many houses has the Assembly built? What is the Welsh name for Brecon? And - most importantly - do we need a jingle?

Diolch am wrando,

Y tri Dewi



DaiTwp said...

Why does one of the Dewi's voicesvsound like Nick Bourne?

DaiTwp said...

Pentref Eglwys = Church village

Enjoyed the podcast. Couple things I would say:
I agree with the point you made about the possible impact of the £2000000 public money threshold but regarding th epoint about compelling big businesses to provide Welsh language services I just cannot see any situation where Tescos, Sainsburys etc would close any of their stores in Wales because they had to provide a Welsh language service.
Secondly, the very nature of LCO's is very confusing as they in themselves are not acts/measures/laws onlyu the transfer of power from Westminster to the Bay to make laws (measures) in certain areas. But to get the powers transfered the Assembly must sort of propose what it wishes to do with the powers. As a result there has been much confused debate about what new laws re. the Welsh language will be when all (at the moment) that's being discussed is the transfer of power - no-one yet knows what the actual measure will be. I think this needs (if it can) to be made clearer. Although I appreciate the very nature of the LCO process is so conveluted it's very difficult to get this across.

Barry said...

Church Village = Pentre'r Eglwys

Or perhaps, given its location in the South-East, Pentra'r Eclws would be closer?

Unknown said...

since Brychan was a Welsh king, we should keep calling it Brecon. Dunno why they need a seperate name for the place anyhow.

Any chance you could RSS-ify these podcasts so we can download them on iTunes?

James Dowden said...

Mae arnaf eisiau jingle!!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you mentioned you were at the Senydd on Tuesday and no mention of the lovley lady reporter that accompanied you. Very entertaining lads. i say bring back the jingle and I will listen again.