Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Alan Butt Philip tells Politics Cymru: Less than 1 in 3 people will vote next week

Welsh Lib Dems’ lead European candidate Alan Butt Philip has told us in our latest Twitterview that he expects to see just 30% of voters out at the polls on June 4th.

He seemed to think that might benefit the Lib Dems, though, because their traditional supporters “are keener to vote than most”.

The effects of the economic downturn, the expenses scandal and a general apathy towards Europe are all causing the main parties concern ahead of the vote next week.

So what did Alan Butt Philip have to say? See for yourself:

Before the Twitterview Dewis 1, 2 and 3 would like to say hello to the regulars! Also @emmagilliam @egrommet @rachelq82 @ruthmosalski

@politics_cymru hello, few tehnical probs but i'm here and ready to start

@alanbp Hi Alan! Thanks for taking part. How’s the campaign going so far? #ldtvabout 1 hour ago from web in reply to alanbp

@politics_cymru Hi there! The campaign is going really well. Lots of enthusiasm from supporters. Good interest from the general public #ldtvabout 1 hour ago from web

@alanbp So you haven't been tarnished with the same brush as other politicians in the wake of the expenses scandal? #ldtv43 minutes ago from web

@politics_cymru Not really. People are relieved to discover I have a normal job so can't be involved in the scandal from Westminster #ldtv42 minutes ago from web

@alanbp So why do you want to be a politcian like the rest of them? #ldtv39 minutes ago from web

@politics_cymruThere is a specific job to be done representing Welsh people to the EU institutions. I have the experience for this #ldtv39 minutes ago from web

@alanbp How would your experience make you any different to the MEPs we’ve already got? #ldtv36 minutes ago from web

@politics_cymru I have been involved in researching and advising those who influence EU decision-making as an academic for 30years #ldtv36 minutes ago from web

@alanbp from @annahwt With which of the other MEPs (Wales or otherwise) would you align yourself if elected?33 minutes ago from web

@politics_cymru Obviously fellow Liberal Democrats in UK, and throughout Europe - there were about 100 in the last Euro-Parliament #ldtv34 minutes ago from web

@alanbp How aware are people as to what these elections are all about? #ldtv30 minutes ago from web

@politics_cymru I think people are aware that the EU is important, but they don't really know the details. They want to know more #ldtv30 minutes ago from web

@alanbp Ok. So to paraphrase Monty Python: what’s Europe ever done for us? #ldtv26minutes ago from web in reply to alanbp

@politics_cymru Europe invests heavily in Welsh economic development - more jobs. Also Europe has cleaned up our air and water quality #ldtv26 minutes ago from web

@alanbp Are you geting that message across or is your pro-Europe stance hurting your chances? #ldtv22 minutes ago from web

@politics_cymru The message that we depend on other countries and cross-border action does resonate with people - better than before #ldtv22 minutes ago from web

@alanbp So you're not worried voters will turn to anti-Europe and extremist parties particularly in light of the expenses scandal? #ldtv18 minutes ago from web in reply to alanbp

@politics_cymru Some voters will stay at home, but many are determined to back strong open-minded people and parties #ldtv18 minutes ago from web

@alanbp So how badly will the turnout be affected do you think? Will it be less than 40%? #ldtv14 minutes ago from web

@politics_cymru Closer to 30% I would think and that's a real shame because the elected MEPs won't have a strong mandate #ldtv14 minutes ago from web

@alanbp And how would a low turnout affect you personally do you think? #ldtv11 minutes ago from web

@politics_cymru I think that Lib Dem voters are keener to vote than most, so I don't expect low turnout to be our problem #ldtv10 minutes ago from web

@alanbp So you think you stand a good chance of being the Welsh Lib Dems’ first MEP then? #ldtv7 minutes ago from web

@politics_cymru Yes. This election gives the LibDems the best chance we've have ever had. Our supporters sense this & are working hard #ldtv5 minutes ago from web

@alanbp Thanks for your time Alan! Do you think this has been a success? Will we be seeing more ‘Twitterviews’ in the future? #ldtv2 minutes ago from web

@politics_cymru Yes, this is a great new medium. Forces us candidates to give short, snappy, understandable answers. After June 7th...#ldtv1 minute ago from web

We’ll let @alanbp get back to the campaign trail! Our next Twitterview will be with Labour’s @Lisa_Stevens – coming soon! Diolch bawb!

Y Tri Dewi



Dave Griffiths said...

Good Twitterview - better in my opinion than yesterdays more honest - not so typical political answers

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say congratulations on the Twitterview interviews, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

As I pointed out a week or so ago.....I find it incredible that many are campaigning to passionately against the BNP....including people I had respect for but.....who find NuLabour acceptable. John Pilger takes the same stance as I do.....

"And when Blair finally departed the House of Commons, MPs gave him a standing ovation – they who had refused to hold a vote on his criminal invasion or even to set up an inquiry into its lies, which almost three-quarters of the British population wanted."


“How our corrupt MPs are playing into the hands of extremists,” said the cover of last week’s New Statesman. But is not their support for the epic crime in Iraq already extremism? And for the murderous imperial adventure in Afghanistan? And for the government’s collusion with torture? "

And they won't fool me into believing otherwise.....